These are the rules of the event, and the answers to some common questions. Got doubts? Email

General Rules


All you need to do to take part in the GGJ is to get a ticket on Eventbrite, print it or bring it on your smartphone, bring your own tools, and have fun!

The theme

At about 19:00 (local time) on Friday afternoon, the organisers will reveal the global theme to the jammers, and they will have to make a game around it. As an example, two years ago the theme was the sound of a beating heart, so the jammers made games about hearts, and around the concept of beat, rhythm, and pulsating elements.
A common theme is surely a challenge, but it is also a way to connect together all of the games created during GGJ, and having something to start from also fosters creativity!

Hardware and Software

Jammers will be able to use any software they'd like, provided they bring it themselves. They can also use any framework or piece of code they have created before the jam, but it is highly prohibited to come with a game that's already been made, or even started. The spirit of the GGJ is to tackle the challenge of making an entire game in only 48 hours!
Jammers are required to bring their own laptop and all the software and hardware they will need to create the game. We will only provide tables, and there will be power outlets and internet access for everyone. We will provide some power strips and LAN cables, but it's better if you also bring some for yourself.

The members of a team playtest their game during the jam

Game License

All of the game created will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, which means that the jammers will retain all of the rights on their games, but the organisers will be able to share them around. This is of course only valid for the version of the game specifically created for the jam, if the jammers feel like expanding their game after the jam and selling it, they will be totally free to do so.


As every year, we strongly encourage jammers to come to the event without a team. They will have some time before the jam to socialize with the others, and find some team-mates.
This is not a requirement and you can come with a team that's already been formed before the jam, though we will hate you a little bit :)
As for the size of the team, there's no mandatory number either. Teams can go from one person, to as many as you like. We do strongly recommend not to go over 4, as big teams are really difficult to manage in the limited span of 48 hours.

Resting and Sleeping

Jammers should bring sleeping bags and blankets, to make sleeping more comfortable. Bathrooms always available.
There will be some moments when we ask jammers to be around, such as when revealing the theme, or during the final games presentations. Once the jam is on though, jammers will be able to manage their own time schedule. Anyone will be able to leave the venue at any time during the day, to reach restaurants and bars around the site, or to go home. On site will be provided infos about leaving at night and coming back the next morning.


Is there a fee?

Yes, there's an entrance fee of 5€ per person (not per-team).

How do I signup? Can I just show up on the event day?

You must sign up in advance - and beware - there's only 120 tickets available! Go to Eventbrite to get a ticket.

Can I sleep at the venue?

Yes, provided you bring a sleeping bag and/or blankets, just to be more comfortable.

Do I need to have a team?

Not at all! Come with your friends, but don't organise in a team before the event. You will be able to meet cool people and team up with them at the event.

Is this event intended for professional game developers?

Anyone can take part, from students to hobbyists, as well as professional game developers who want a peculiar challenge.

Can I come any of the three days? Can I come on Saturday?

No. The participants have to be present at the beginning of the jam, which is around 18:00 on Friday the 20th. Once the jam starts, they can then leave and come back, but no new jammers will be allowed to join the event once the teams have been formed.

Should I bring my own computer?

Absolutely: we don't provide computers for the jammers. Bring your laptop, your graphic tablet, your MIDI keyboard, in short: all you could possibly need!

Who owns the games made at GGJ?

The rights to the games made belong to the respective creators. Read more about the license in the rules.